Why Ham and Jam?

Ham and Jam was the codeword used to signify success capturing the bridge at Benouville on D-Day.

So what is different about these models?

Currently resin models are very expensive and card or MDF self assemble kits suffer from the drawback of the materials. Although suited to some models there is a weakness in the lack of 3D texture which we believe these models address. Also they come fully painted and can be used straight out of the box.

What are the buildings made out of?

The buildings are made around an MDF shell and use card, filler and other materials

Are these available in Kit form?

No, the buildings would not practical because of the limitations of laser cut MDF joins.

How can I buy these models?

We are attending shows around the UK this year. Also you will be able to purchase through the web site very soon.

Will you be making the buildings with scenic bases?

In the short term no. The trouble with producing scenic bases is everyone uses different earth textures, colours and grass textures. Also it would add to the cost. We believe gamers will prefer to base them if required themselves to mix with their own tabletop and scenery. That said there will be some models with enclosed yards that might be suitable.